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Mission & Vision


The mission of JJArtworks™ Paint Party Professionals is to provide a fun, positive, and encouraging creative experience for our customers through the medium of social painting events.  We achieve this through the wisdom and professionalism of our expert artists, assistants, and staff.  We believe painting is not only expressive but also therapeutic and we pride ourselves on creating a safe environment where guests can create comfortably in a judgement free atmosphere. 


The vision of JJArtworks™ Paint Party Professionals is to become a worldwide social painting event company that continues to spread the love, joy, and interactive nature of painting to the masses.  We believe painting is a universal art form that all humans should experience and our purpose is to help create those experiences for as many people as possible around the globe.  Through painting socially, guests are able to catch up with friends, meet new people, and create "in the moment" all at the same time.  We encourage our guests to experiment, go outside of their comfort zone, and try new things so they grow and have the ultimate transformative experience.  As the landscape of social painting evolves, we plan to be the premier social painting event company in the industry that continues to bring quality creative experiences to people around the world.