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Here is a personal testimony from the author about the life changing benefits that mindfulness has had on his life. This copy of "The Mindful Artist" comes personally autographed by the author: 

“For the first 10 years that I was a self employed artist I was not a mindful artist. I didn’t know what mindfulness was and I just roamed the world on autopilot every day like many of us do. I had great aspirations for my life and big dreams for my art career, but I was so caught up in the minutiae of every day life that I never took the time to listen to myself and reflect inward. As a result of not giving myself enough time to focus on myself, I was always stressed, financially unstable, emotionally and physically drained, and was just never in a confident state of mind. I never had enough money in the bank, never had time for a social life, and was just never satisfied. My eyes were always set on the destination rather than the journey and I never took the time to relish in the amazing progress that was always unfolding underneath my feet.


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The Mindful Artist - Paperback Version

The Mindful Artist - Paperback Version



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